What is this? A new Kemeko Deluxe! Chapter? What kind of crazy alternate world are we living in? I'm sorry for the delay, but my power kept going out because of this wacky blizzard over here. However, it is completed. To add, I made the quality as high as possible for this release. You'll see what I mean when you read it. Tell me if you want me to spend more time doing those kinds off updates to the chapter! Until then, enjoy!~

Kemeko Deluxe! Project.30
Another release, and we keep getting quicker and quicker! For all Life Is Money fans, check out our new suspense series "MIkity Blood" in the post below!

Last time, our heroes found a box containing parts of someone's body. They find out who was inside, and begin to play the blaming game. However, it takes an unexpected turn...

Life Is Money 8

Kemeko Deluxe! PROJECT.30 is halfway complete! Expect it sometime this weekend!