Well, sorry for the late release. I am busy with finals, as said before. Good news though, just one more week and I'm out for the Summer! Which leaves me free to catch up on KemeDera Chapters. Sad to say, before it ends, which it looks like it is going to next month (according to note at end of Chapter 61). So, without further ado, Project.21! (Dropbox coming later)

Wow, the traffic sky rocketed to over 500 views in one day, and is still rising! It's nearing the 700 mark soon, so, thank you all for your support! I hope you enjoy the new release below! Starting next chapter, things heat up with the appearance of Yukina! Enjoy!

Also, you may host it on a manga reader. But when hosting it on another site, please include the credits! Thank you~
Well, here is my First Release! I hope everyone enjoys them! I am currently working on Chapter 20 between finals tests, so hopefully it should be finished soon. Enjoy!

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