So, another release, and this time, I took some criticism and comments, and did a (hopefully) better release! I hope you all enjoy it, This chapter gets a look back at Ryoko's past, and Minamino's obsession over her. Next week, it is a comedic chapter, and will surely be enjoyable for all.

I may be slow on releases this week as well, since it is my Birthday this week. Whee. August 2nd, for those who want to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you all for enjoying Kemeko Deluxe! and supporting it as well.

Kemeko Deluxe! Project 26
I have not been away watching Comc-con news.
I have not been away waiting for my birthday to hurry up.

I have, however, been trying to find the color pages for this chapter. As I am using the scans from the Tankouban, I was trying to find it, as this is the chapter where it announces it's getting an Anime. No avail, though. If someone finds it, please send it to me and I will add it into the release. Until then, enjoy!

By the way, I have found some raw scans for Ashita no Kyoko-san. I can do them if you all want me to, but they're only of the more recent chapters. For those who don't know what Ashita no Kyoko-san is, it is Masakazu-sensei's new series.

It's time for a new series!! This shouldn't affect the releases of Kemeko Deluxe! at all, as this is monthly. I hope you all enjoy it! It's from the assistant of Tamiki Wakaki, the creator of "The World God Only Knows." So, if you enjoy that series as much as I do, you'll certainly enjoy this!

It's also similar to Kemeko Deluxe!, an action series involving a girl (in a) robot who must fight an evil group. The comedy is nice as well.

P.S. The author uses the term "purpose" a lot... Be aware of that.
P.S.S. Thanks to my friend QC for helping me with some pages to speed up the release!

Hello everyone, it's time for another release! Sorry for the delay, but I have been translating another project for some other group, plus with holidays and uprisings, it is chaotic. As I work solely by myself, it can be hard at times.

Also, as I have forementioned and it's been reported, that Kemeko Deluxe! has ended. The picture above was the advertisement for it. I have the raws for those chapters as well, so if I finish these 4 volumes in time, you can see it end perfectly.

Anyway, enjoy the new release!