Another release so quickly? Impossible! No, I was working partially on this and partially on the Kemeko Deluxe! Chapter, which was already partway done. So I hope you enjoy this new series I picked up! I didn't want people to think I would be doing Robotic Sexy Android series only. ;) It's a suspense Death Game series. So if you liked series like Liar Game or Enigma, you'll probably enjoy this!

Life is Money No. 1
Life is Money No. 1 (Alternative)
Here is another release! Sorry for any delay, but when you smash your toe, you take a break. No sympathy, I'm all right. Any who, this chapter deals with the Sports Festival at Akebono High School. It introduces a new recurring character, Gojoujou Yukari! The little heiress of the series. Next Chapter is the end of Volume 4, and leaves us on a lovely cliffhanger! So, enjoy!

Kemeko Deluxe! Project 27
Here is another release a week after my Birthday! I hope you all enjoy it. I got really tired of hearing "Purpose" this and "Purpose" that. So, sorry for any screw-ups I may have overlooked. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, and enjoy!~

Plug Chapter 2 Release

P.S. New project to begin soon...
P.S.S. Partway done with new Kemeko Deluxe! Chapter. Final volume ships at the end of this month as well.