Finally, after a month a new Kemeko Deluxe! is here! We reach the cliffhanger and end of Volume 4, as we prepare to move onto Volume 5. Everyone, enjoy!

Kemeko Deluxe! 28
Almost a month and no release...? Sorry about that, but life has been busy. Not because of going to school, but because the school won't accept me this year for some reason... So, been dealing with that.

Enough about me, you want a release and update, right? Well, below is Life is Money Chapter 2! Kemeko Deluxe! 28 is nearly complete, and Plug is about a fourth done... Expect them soon.

This week's Life is Money, it seems it is taking a turn to Big Brother, sort-of. Getting all these luxuries and such. I sort of rushed this... so may expect a few errors. If you notice one, please tell me and Ill do my best to fix it! I reread it three times and fixed some, but I may have overlooked some more. Enjoy!

Life is Money No.2