Well, it's been exactly one month since I made a release. Sad to say, school screwed up my enrollment and I got behind on a month. Then they put me on Academic Probation! Ain't that swell?

Ignoring that, here is the next chapter of Life is Money! I would've finished sooner, but I wanted to do a better job with this chapter. I hope you all enjoy it!

Life Is Money No. 3

Some minor updates:
-Plug Chapter 3 is halfway done. First volume goes on sale November 18, and it has received a color page for Chapter 5 for all it's praise. Look like it's big now!
-I bought Kemeko Deluxe! Vol. 9 yesterday, and I will be using that for the source of raws when we get there.
-Kemeko Deluxe! Project 29 will be released after Plug Chapter 3.