Folks, we have reached the end of Life Is Money. It has been a good ride. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for the support throughout the series release!

Last Time: Meguru reconciles his time in the Mental Prison. Where does his life lead him?

This Time: The final five contestants are revealed. Will it be a good ending, or a bad one?

Life Is Money 15 (END) DB / MF

Included are some final illustrations from Miss Yaguraba-sensei, who stated they may be used for personal use such as iPhone wallpapers. She posted that the series concluded safely and was excited to draw the work from Miss Asaniji-sensei. This was her first series and had a little trouble with it, but thanks everyone from the readers to her twitter followers to her friends and family.

On behalf of ShedgeScans, thank you very much, Asaniji-sensei & Yaguraba-sensei!

Sadly, does not appear to be any Life Is Money tankoubans in the near future.

Now where does this lead ShedgeScans as a whole? Looking into some new series, but won't start any until we're caught up with Plug: Full Metal Idol! Gets action packed with more Virtues members showing up, so look forward to that!