My, my... I said in the past release to pay attention to what will come on the 14th. If you took a close look to the right, you would see at the bottom "May 2011." That is right, everyone. It has been a whole year since I started scanlating! Through all the carpal tunnel surgery and resting my arms on ice I have endured, I somehow made it out alive. Thank you everyone for your great support and enjoying the series that is handed out to you. I wish you all would support the series out there regardless of language barrier.

I have done Kemeko Deluxe!, Plug: Full Metal Idol, Life Is Money and am currently working on Ashtia no Kyouko-san. It wouldn't have been accomplished without you! Enough of this wishy-washy stuff, you want chapters!

Last time, Kamishiro stayed at Sanpeita's with Kemeko returning at the end. This chapter explains what happened to her and reveals who Kamishiro Yukina really is! Plus, a few old characters return...

Kemeko Deluxe! - Project.31

Last time on Plug, a new character called Hifumi appears and details his own life and why he doesn't like girls. This time, a new rival appears for Plug and challenges her to an Idol Showdown! Who will come out on top!?

Plug Chapter 5

I was planning on release Ashita no Kyouko-san today, or at least the first chapter, but decided not to and keep my word of releasing it in whole. Please wait until then.

Again, thank you everyone and enjoy!~
A new release has appeared!! We are beginning to get back into things. Hurray! Last time, we had Plug act in a Hero Show but Drago interrupted it. At the end, she met a fan called Hifumi. In this release, they meet once more, however...!?

Plug Episode 4

And there is some important news!! Plug will be getting a Vomic in the upcoming month. A Vomic is a voice comic where voice actors and voice actresses, better known as seiyuu, voice over manga panels with sound effects added to them. More news will be brought out when it is released!
Deeply sorry for these late releases. With the school season and all. People have been asking where Kemeko Deluxe! 29 is, and I will be getting to that immediately. Until then, please enjoy Plug Chapter 3!

Plug Chapter 3

Plug and Tousuke find work at a department story. When Drago just so happens to be there, he continues his pursuit in destroying Plug. What will be the outcome!?

First volume goes on sale on November 18. Please support the official release!
Here is another release a week after my Birthday! I hope you all enjoy it. I got really tired of hearing "Purpose" this and "Purpose" that. So, sorry for any screw-ups I may have overlooked. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, and enjoy!~

Plug Chapter 2 Release

P.S. New project to begin soon...
P.S.S. Partway done with new Kemeko Deluxe! Chapter. Final volume ships at the end of this month as well.
It's time for a new series!! This shouldn't affect the releases of Kemeko Deluxe! at all, as this is monthly. I hope you all enjoy it! It's from the assistant of Tamiki Wakaki, the creator of "The World God Only Knows." So, if you enjoy that series as much as I do, you'll certainly enjoy this!

It's also similar to Kemeko Deluxe!, an action series involving a girl (in a) robot who must fight an evil group. The comedy is nice as well.

P.S. The author uses the term "purpose" a lot... Be aware of that.
P.S.S. Thanks to my friend QC for helping me with some pages to speed up the release!