Folks, we have reached the end of Life Is Money. It has been a good ride. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for the support throughout the series release!

Last Time: Meguru reconciles his time in the Mental Prison. Where does his life lead him?

This Time: The final five contestants are revealed. Will it be a good ending, or a bad one?

Life Is Money 15 (END) DB / MF

Included are some final illustrations from Miss Yaguraba-sensei, who stated they may be used for personal use such as iPhone wallpapers. She posted that the series concluded safely and was excited to draw the work from Miss Asaniji-sensei. This was her first series and had a little trouble with it, but thanks everyone from the readers to her twitter followers to her friends and family.

On behalf of ShedgeScans, thank you very much, Asaniji-sensei & Yaguraba-sensei!

Sadly, does not appear to be any Life Is Money tankoubans in the near future.

Now where does this lead ShedgeScans as a whole? Looking into some new series, but won't start any until we're caught up with Plug: Full Metal Idol! Gets action packed with more Virtues members showing up, so look forward to that!
I am sure you all have been anticipating this chapter. I took some extra time to make sure the dialogue was entered well and fixed a lot of editing as much as I could. Sadly, it was a sloppy job, and I hope this suffices for now.

Before I post the links, there has been some harrowing news. The artist, Yaguraba Tekka, said the end was near on her Twitter. So, it is likely the series will come to an end next chapter. Basing off sales of other Square Enix Survival Manga sales, Life Is Money was the lowest on the list. So, it could be canceled for either low sales compared to other series or the author, Asaniji Teru, cannot think of where else to go except the end. Either way, Life Is Money is ending next month it seems. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Last time: Meguru has killed Niko and thinks about what he has done, as well as searching for an accomplice. As the participants group together, they plan their next move with uncertainty in the air. As they all roll in the fourth dice game, Meguru gets hearing and thinks it is all over.

This time: Meguru is conflicted with his new handicap, and seeks for Kukuri's affection. As we reach the eighth dice game, everything has crumbled for him. He believes he is at his limits. Will he prevail or will he be the fifth one dead...?

Life Is Money 5.5: MF / DB
Life Is Money 14: MF / DB

I hope you enjoy this release! Any errors or complains can be sent in the comment section below!
So... Those past four months, right? Yeah, you know that isn't what you want to hear. It's here, do not worry.

Last time, Kamishiro Yukina was revealed to be the Nano Ball Prototype. M.M. and Kemeko take her on and blast her away. With water.

This time: Life returns to normal after Kamishiro's reveal. With the battle getting tougher each day, the Unified Public Security Agency has begun developing new products. Just our luck, the Black Girl Kurosaki Ryoko gets to test them out! What wonders lie in wait?

Kemeko Deluxe! Project.32

I will be taking extra care with the releases from now on. Life Is Money will be released later than usual. In return, I just got the first volume of Life Is Money (finally) and will release the 4-koma in the next release. The extra story is somewhat long, and deals with how Ishimakura joined the Nightmare Game; resulting in delay with that.

Until then, enjoy!
I would like to apologize for the delay in the Kemeko Deluxe release. My computer is having trouble and I have been resorting to a another, slower one. (Which is why there is also a delay in this release.) I will do my best to release it as soon as possible!

Last time, Meguru battles Niko and the results are horrendous.

This time, the aftermath comes and bites Meguru in the butt. What exactly happens to him and how will he deal with it?

Life Is Money 13

This release marks a few things. First off, it has been exactly one year since Life Is Money started serialization! Yay! Another thing is a lot of you have complained about the user of "Comic Sans," so I decided to listen and change the font. I hope this better suits your tastes.

And listening to the readers again, I have fixed some lines from the previous release. Specifically, the 'Pendulum' part and 'Organization' parts, as well as some things in-between. I hope this suffices.

Life Is Money 12v2

Final note is I recently ordered the first volume and should hopefully get to work on that soon.
It is the chapter a lot of you have been waiting for! Who is the culprit that killed Nekomachi-san and Utsuromiya-san...!? After the culprit is found, what will happen next? And things get worse as the third dice game approaches...

Life Is Money 11

It was Yaguraba Tekka-sensei's birthday on June 3rd, please wish her a Happy Birthday as well!

Also, I have released the first chapter of Ashita no Kyouko-san as an addition! What will this new series bring...? More chapters are on the way! Plus, the series has moved from Dengeki Daioh Genesis to Dengeki Daioh, so instead of bimonthly it is a monthly series!

Ashita no Kyouko-san 1
My, my... I said in the past release to pay attention to what will come on the 14th. If you took a close look to the right, you would see at the bottom "May 2011." That is right, everyone. It has been a whole year since I started scanlating! Through all the carpal tunnel surgery and resting my arms on ice I have endured, I somehow made it out alive. Thank you everyone for your great support and enjoying the series that is handed out to you. I wish you all would support the series out there regardless of language barrier.

I have done Kemeko Deluxe!, Plug: Full Metal Idol, Life Is Money and am currently working on Ashtia no Kyouko-san. It wouldn't have been accomplished without you! Enough of this wishy-washy stuff, you want chapters!

Last time, Kamishiro stayed at Sanpeita's with Kemeko returning at the end. This chapter explains what happened to her and reveals who Kamishiro Yukina really is! Plus, a few old characters return...

Kemeko Deluxe! - Project.31

Last time on Plug, a new character called Hifumi appears and details his own life and why he doesn't like girls. This time, a new rival appears for Plug and challenges her to an Idol Showdown! Who will come out on top!?

Plug Chapter 5

I was planning on release Ashita no Kyouko-san today, or at least the first chapter, but decided not to and keep my word of releasing it in whole. Please wait until then.

Again, thank you everyone and enjoy!~
Here is the long awaited new release! Last time, Meguru survives his near Mental Over. As he ponders over his own problems, someone attacks Utsuromiya-san alone.

This week, after coming to Utsuromiya-san's near reascue, Meguru conjures up a trap to catch the culprit. For everyone's sake, he promises to kill the culprit. As the culprit falls into his trap, the participant is revealed and now Meguru gets his hands dirty... Or will he?

Life Is Money 10

Also, something is coming this Monday... What possibly could it be? Find out Monday, May 14th!

And some sad news, there has been no Mikity Blood for a while. Well, there is a reason for that. It was never published in the magazine since the first chapter and has since been canceled. The series will release in full in one tankoban volume on May 22nd. (Hey! That is when the first volume of Life Is Money is released!)
A new release has appeared!! We are beginning to get back into things. Hurray! Last time, we had Plug act in a Hero Show but Drago interrupted it. At the end, she met a fan called Hifumi. In this release, they meet once more, however...!?

Plug Episode 4

And there is some important news!! Plug will be getting a Vomic in the upcoming month. A Vomic is a voice comic where voice actors and voice actresses, better known as seiyuu, voice over manga panels with sound effects added to them. More news will be brought out when it is released!
What is this? A new Kemeko Deluxe! Chapter? What kind of crazy alternate world are we living in? I'm sorry for the delay, but my power kept going out because of this wacky blizzard over here. However, it is completed. To add, I made the quality as high as possible for this release. You'll see what I mean when you read it. Tell me if you want me to spend more time doing those kinds off updates to the chapter! Until then, enjoy!~

Kemeko Deluxe! Project.30
Another release, and we keep getting quicker and quicker! For all Life Is Money fans, check out our new suspense series "MIkity Blood" in the post below!

Last time, our heroes found a box containing parts of someone's body. They find out who was inside, and begin to play the blaming game. However, it takes an unexpected turn...

Life Is Money 8

Kemeko Deluxe! PROJECT.30 is halfway complete! Expect it sometime this weekend!