Warning: This chapter is terrifying. I was easily scared by it, and you all should prepare yourselves. I was debating of whether or not to add a warning, but you'll be the judges yourselves.

Last time, Meguru is about to have a Mental Over! What is it's outcome!? And after his near Mental Over, someone else is about to have their own Mental Over...

Life Is Money 9

Enjoy. Here is the link to the song featured in this week's chapter. Two more things: If you want me to translate the rules page, please do so. Yes, they added the reset rule there. Second, people have complained last week's chapter was a total mess. I will work on it once more and rerelease it. I took extra time and patience with this chapter.

Also, I am working hard on the Ashita no Kyoko-san releases. I finally got the scans up, and have the magazine raws to boot. I will release them in a compiled folder when they're done. For now, here is a sneak peek chapter!

Ashita no Kyoko-san 10
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Thanks for the release

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Thanks :)

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Thanks for the chapter. Reading this with "Close Hands, Open Hands" as a background song was a nice experience.

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Finally, really thank you very much, good work ;D

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Did you already edit chapter 8 of life is money already, or is it for next release? Anyways, I wonder who is the killer is, and oh it wasn't that creepy chapter 9..only if it the person wearin.....that....was real....than it would be creepy, but hopefully, you will release more of this manga....lol it's better than watching any movies like SAW <--watch only first one was like this is boring, and i even enjoy reading judge and doubt manga too! =P

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thank you 4 ashita kyouko!

i read 1st chapter of Life is Money and guess that something worse will happen... but turn out more than what i expect..

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i would like to thank u for kyouko-san, but what happened with chapters 2 to 9 ? will it be translated one day?


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