I can sense your comments coming. "WHERE IS KEMEKO DELUXE!!?" I'm working on it. In the mean time, a new series! As well as news! First, this new series is created by the infamous Kawanaka Yasushi. You may have seen his work on pixiv before, or maybe his work as an assistant on a certain popular manga. Fans of Life Is Money will probably enjoy this series if they minus the artwork... The series premise is below:

"The daughter of a game shop owner finds a pocket game on the street. However, it was actually an invitation to a game of horror and slaughter!? The Game of Hell where humans are invited by the Shinigami as characters begins!"

Mikity Blood 1

Now, some news; I have acquired Ashita no Kyouko-san, or Kyoko the Tomorrow, and have begun scanning them. Though, they are not the best scans in the world, they will hopefully be tolerable until we get to the scans I have acquired elsewhere. Expect more releases soon!
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Thnx for the chapter :)

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thanks for the hardwork

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I just love the picks you guys make. Thanks for this chapter!!! xD


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