I would like to apologize for the delay in the Kemeko Deluxe release. My computer is having trouble and I have been resorting to a another, slower one. (Which is why there is also a delay in this release.) I will do my best to release it as soon as possible!

Last time, Meguru battles Niko and the results are horrendous.

This time, the aftermath comes and bites Meguru in the butt. What exactly happens to him and how will he deal with it?

Life Is Money 13

This release marks a few things. First off, it has been exactly one year since Life Is Money started serialization! Yay! Another thing is a lot of you have complained about the user of "Comic Sans," so I decided to listen and change the font. I hope this better suits your tastes.

And listening to the readers again, I have fixed some lines from the previous release. Specifically, the 'Pendulum' part and 'Organization' parts, as well as some things in-between. I hope this suffices.

Life Is Money 12v2

Final note is I recently ordered the first volume and should hopefully get to work on that soon.
8/10/2012 03:32:48 am

Both links are dead sadly.

8/10/2012 05:48:36 am

thanks! :D
[not sure if you have problems with dropbox or dropbox has problems with you.... but links are still offline]

8/10/2012 06:49:46 am

I got a notification that there was excessive downloading and have been shut off for three days. Mirrors will be coming soon.

8/14/2012 07:25:07 am

I just started reading this recently, but I have to say either your translations are just plain weird, your proofreader doesn't understand proper English, or a combination of both, You can understand the basics of what is happening, and the grammar is fine. But it just doesn't have any sort of natural flow to it, and much of the conversations end up as gibberish. That probably doesn't matter to the majority of readers, as I've noticed horrible grammar on various manga sites. To someone who has at least high school competency in English, though, it is just plain bad. Just as an example that I'm not the only one who thinks this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000121-anime-and-manga-other-titles/63731379


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