I am sure you all have been anticipating this chapter. I took some extra time to make sure the dialogue was entered well and fixed a lot of editing as much as I could. Sadly, it was a sloppy job, and I hope this suffices for now.

Before I post the links, there has been some harrowing news. The artist, Yaguraba Tekka, said the end was near on her Twitter. So, it is likely the series will come to an end next chapter. Basing off sales of other Square Enix Survival Manga sales, Life Is Money was the lowest on the list. So, it could be canceled for either low sales compared to other series or the author, Asaniji Teru, cannot think of where else to go except the end. Either way, Life Is Money is ending next month it seems. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Last time: Meguru has killed Niko and thinks about what he has done, as well as searching for an accomplice. As the participants group together, they plan their next move with uncertainty in the air. As they all roll in the fourth dice game, Meguru gets hearing and thinks it is all over.

This time: Meguru is conflicted with his new handicap, and seeks for Kukuri's affection. As we reach the eighth dice game, everything has crumbled for him. He believes he is at his limits. Will he prevail or will he be the fifth one dead...?

Life Is Money 5.5: MF / DB
Life Is Money 14: MF / DB

I hope you enjoy this release! Any errors or complains can be sent in the comment section below!
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Oh man! I was *just* thinking about this series this morning! Thanks!

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thanks for everything :D

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Thank you very much for this new chapter, is such a shame that is ending so fast but at least I really hope a good happy ending.

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Thanks for the update

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