Well, it's been exactly one month since I made a release. Sad to say, school screwed up my enrollment and I got behind on a month. Then they put me on Academic Probation! Ain't that swell?

Ignoring that, here is the next chapter of Life is Money! I would've finished sooner, but I wanted to do a better job with this chapter. I hope you all enjoy it!

Life Is Money No. 3

Some minor updates:
-Plug Chapter 3 is halfway done. First volume goes on sale November 18, and it has received a color page for Chapter 5 for all it's praise. Look like it's big now!
-I bought Kemeko Deluxe! Vol. 9 yesterday, and I will be using that for the source of raws when we get there.
-Kemeko Deluxe! Project 29 will be released after Plug Chapter 3.

10/14/2011 20:53

Ooh, looks like a cool series! I hope you have time to scanlate in the future, I always like when people show me exciting manga I haven't seen before :)

10/14/2011 21:18

Woooow, thanks!
wasn't this chapter just released yesterday on gangan? you're fast XD

10/15/2011 01:22

yayyyy thanks for your hard work =D

10/15/2011 21:32

YaY, really thank you so much, excellent work.

10/15/2011 21:55

Thank you. :)

10/20/2011 19:27

Hi, thanks for the release :D, if you need help with editing (cleaning, typesetting, and proofreading) Death Toll scans can help you out if you want,(a joint maybe?) to increase quality and to how many people know about this manga and your scans. If your interested email me or just pop down to our website :)

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