A new chapter of your favorite psychological suspense manga! Last time, Shirakogawa stabbed Meguru, what is the aftermath!? Meanwhile, the second dice game begins and things begin to look well for our players... I added a cruel note near the end, but I think everyone will think the same anyway.

Life Is Money 6

I will state that releases will become more frequent near the end of the month. Finals are hear, and the semester ends the 26th. So, expect a lot more releases around then. I also have got my Plug Volume 1 and will add several scans of it later.

The final note is that Ashita no Kyouko-san's first volume ships at the end of the month. I have pre-ordered it, and will be going through each chapter until I meet with the ones I have already scanlated. I gave you all a sneak peek at one of the chapters I have finished, which you can read again below. Again, do not put on a tracker or any manga readers until then.

Ashita no Kyouko-san 9
1/13/2012 09:21:43 pm

thank you very much!!

1/14/2012 09:41:55 am

Awesome, really thanks you so much for the lastest chapter of Life is Money & waiting the new Kemeko chapters.

1/24/2012 05:19:51 pm

Wooo thanks!! i cant wait for the next chapter :D


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