It's time for a new series!! This shouldn't affect the releases of Kemeko Deluxe! at all, as this is monthly. I hope you all enjoy it! It's from the assistant of Tamiki Wakaki, the creator of "The World God Only Knows." So, if you enjoy that series as much as I do, you'll certainly enjoy this!

It's also similar to Kemeko Deluxe!, an action series involving a girl (in a) robot who must fight an evil group. The comedy is nice as well.

P.S. The author uses the term "purpose" a lot... Be aware of that.
P.S.S. Thanks to my friend QC for helping me with some pages to speed up the release!

7/12/2011 04:00:04 pm

First of all, thanks for the release. I love TWGOK (and I can see that Wakaki Tamiki's assistant has much of his style, naturally), and I love girls in robots. ;)

Secondly, thanks for a hassle-free direct download link! Seriously, it's an absolute joy, and almost impossible to come by these days.

Thirdly, a few words of advice:
1. Do not put full-stops (or any odd characters) in the file name or folder name - restrict yourself to letters, numbers, square-brackets, and spaces or underscores (e.g. "Plug.1" -> "Plug 1" or "Plug_1")
2. Use double digits to number by default, unless you know the series is or will be over 99 chapters (e.g. "Plug 01") -- EVEN IF the series is only 9 chapters, it's still aesthetically pleasing ("Plug 01, Plug 02, ..., Plug 08, Plug 09")
3. For a magazine release, use double digits for the page numbers by default (e.g. "P0.jpg, P0C.jpg, P1.jpg" -> "P00.jpg, P00C.jpg, P01.jpg") -- UNLESS there's the odd case with a chapter longer than 99 pages (then use three digits "P000.jpg, P001.jpg" - the important thing is consistency)
4. For a tankoubon (volume) release, use triple digits by default (e.g. "P000.jpg, P0001.jpg, P002.jpg")
5. Put your group name in the filename, preferably at the end, and use a consistent naming scheme /including for any folders inside the zip file/ for all of your series (e.g. "Kemeko Deluxe 19 [ShedgeScans].zip", "Plug 01 [ShedgeScans].zip")
6. This is just a matter of taste, but you can maintain image quality while lowering the filesize using 8-bit colour-depth .PNG format (FOR BLACK AND WHITE PAGES ONLY, not colour-pages)
7. This is also a matter of taste, but if possible, don't have a folder within a zip file (e.g. Plug.1 inside Plug.1.zip), but simply
It sounds like a lot, but they're just very little things that'll up your presentation, and it becomes a habit, and it's not a bad habit to have. Alternatively, you could have a QC guy handle this stuff for you, and then do the release.

Finally, where can I find all chapters of Kemeko Deluxe to date? (i.e. including the ones before you started working on it) And do you think it's likely there'll be a second season of the anime (which I've watched and absolutely loved) now that the manga is complete?

Thanks again, and thanks in advance. :)

7/12/2011 04:04:10 pm

I forgot to finish one of the points...

7. This is also a matter of taste, but if possible, don't have a folder within a zip file (e.g. "P01.jpg" inside "Plug 01" inside "Plug 01.zip"), but simply have the files directly within the zip file (e.g. "P01.jpg" inside "Plug 01.zip"). /So don't right-click on a folder and add to zip file, instead open the folder, select all, and add to zip file./

7/12/2011 04:29:26 pm

Oh! One other thing I missed.

8. Make sure to remove any 'artifacts' (hidden files) like "Thumbs.db" (Windows) or ".DS_Store" (MACOSX) etc. from the zip file before uploading it and releasing it. (These files should never actually be present if your computer is set to not show hidden files AND you use the method in point 7. Of course, if you do show hidden files, then it's easy to de-select them before adding to zip.)

7/12/2011 07:54:50 pm

Thank you for your comments, Harimau. I'll try to answer them but hopefully not stretch the page.

1. I noticed that afterward and thought I would need to reupload it, but I worked for me so I left it at that.

2. I see... That would make sense to do.

3. I'll remember that, thank you.

4. So, just keep with the Tankouban page numbers if using raws from them? Correct?

5. Added, thank you.

6. I see... That would make sense. I tried earlier with Kemeko Deluxe!, but they would reach 1-2 MB in size, then I went to .jpg. Very helpful.

7. Okay, I see what you mean... So, just don't right click the folder in general?

8. I didn't know that, thank you. I saw that always appear when making the file, and I thought it was just making the thumb icons for when you open the file.

Again thank you, and hopefully this will help me. Plus, I had asked several others to help me with some things, but they kept saying they were busy. So I am driving solo on this, unless someone wants to help me.

Also, for the rawss of Kemeko Deluxe!... I originally got most of them from a site about a year ago or so, for all 8 volumes. Then the recent chapters were uploaded on a forum. As for a second season... I wouldn't put it out there, but it doesn't have a large Japanese fanbase, and it did so-so in sales. So, it's possible, but the Anime production cost a lot of money.

P.S. I have changed the download link to the new one with your comments.

7/13/2011 02:17:17 am

No worries, and thanks. :)

RE: 3. The main thing is that the number of digits is always the same, so it always displays in the proper order, regardless of whatever file manager or image viewer you use. For example, 01 always precedes 02; but 1 precedes 10-19 which precede 2.

RE: 4. Yep, exactly. Again, the key is to maintain the three-digits for consistency.

RE: 6. Yeah, I'm not particularly sure why, but 8-bit colour depth grayscale PNG has no quality loss (that I've been able to see) from the 24-bit colour depth, yet is smaller than the JPG (and JPG, unless it's 100% quality, of course blurs the image around the edges). Of course, you'd stick with JPG for anything that has colour.

RE: 7. That works, yeah. :P

RE: 8. Yeah, it's some sort of database file that keeps track of, or stores, the thumbnail images, or something.

Is there a link to the earlier English-scanlated kemeko chapters (~1-16?)?

Hmm, it's a shame that the anime didn't do too well in Japan, since I really enjoyed it - loved it, in fact. One of the funniest things I've ever watched, and it had a really cool style to it. I'd buy the first season if it were licensed in English.

But that makes me worry a little. The manga wasn't cancelled, right? Like, it wasn't rushed, actually finished? I hate rush endings. :(

7/13/2011 02:39:14 am

I see... Thank you for your responses then.

For the earlier chapters, they're still hosted by Dyansty Scans, which I put in Chapter 17 that I am continuing from where I left off.

And yeah, it is a shame that it didn't do well in Japan... I was hoping it would be brought over to the states, Sub or Dub, I don't care. But yeah, it was really funny. I love Episode 8, because of the jokes and Ryoko.

Yes, the manga wasn't rushed or anything. Dengeki actually gave it 3 Center Colors to promote the final battle. However, there were some things left unturned, or at least, that I could tell, I may have overlooked some things but I am sure it will make sense when I finish scanlating them.

7/13/2011 04:10:39 pm

You mean Chapter 16?

Thanks for the tip, I found the site for the first 15 chapters: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/series/kemeko_dx

Good to hear that Kemeko's ending wasn't rushed.

Positive Critism
7/13/2011 06:49:47 pm

Thank you for the release.

Some of the pages seamed to be out of order for me.

Has any else had this problem?


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