Tests are over, which means more Kemeko Deluxe! Yay! This is the start of the 4th Volume, and introduces a new character. Things will be getting exciting and plot driven in the upcoming chapters, so prepare yourselves! Download link is below.


Now, it is practically confirmed Kemeko Deluxe! will end next month (June 28 I believe), so, it is going to be sad to see it end. However, I may pick-up Iwasaki's new series, Ashita no Kyoko-san. I have raws, but they're in Chinese, so... I know Chinese, Japanese and Korean all have the same form of language, but can still be hard. So, if you can find any raws for this, please tell me!

Also, I picked up a new series, and should be released soon. You can see it, and the updated Projects tab, above. Thank you and enjoy!~
6/11/2011 01:28:17 am

Thank you guys for the release

6/14/2011 03:25:32 am

Send me an addy and I'll mail you a copy of Dengeki Genesis vol. 1 with the first chapter of Ashita no Kyoko-san (you're on your own after that, though).


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