I have not been away watching Comc-con news.
I have not been away waiting for my birthday to hurry up.

I have, however, been trying to find the color pages for this chapter. As I am using the scans from the Tankouban, I was trying to find it, as this is the chapter where it announces it's getting an Anime. No avail, though. If someone finds it, please send it to me and I will add it into the release. Until then, enjoy!

By the way, I have found some raw scans for Ashita no Kyoko-san. I can do them if you all want me to, but they're only of the more recent chapters. For those who don't know what Ashita no Kyoko-san is, it is Masakazu-sensei's new series.

7/23/2011 06:41:27 pm

Yey !
Thanks for the chapter. :)
And for the publication of this manga because so less team do good mangas like that.

7/23/2011 06:55:20 pm

Thanks, I just read 1-24 yesterday and the day before, and was hoping for a new release soon, so this is very welcome.

Ah... I was wondering what Ashita no Kyoko-san was... Well, I'd rather you begin at the beginning, you know. For me, I've never understood why some scanlators do chapters well after what's already scanlated, or start mid-series and not at the beginning. Otherwise, just go through with Kemeko exclusively until raws for the earlier chapters of Kyoko appear, IMO.

7/25/2011 01:33:46 am

Shedge: My offer of issue one of Dengeki Genesis with chapter one of Ashita no Kyoko-san still stands. Send me an addy and I'll mail it to you.

8/7/2011 11:28:59 am

Thanks for chap

2/9/2012 09:34:12 pm

Thank you so much! Great stuff


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