So... Those past four months, right? Yeah, you know that isn't what you want to hear. It's here, do not worry.

Last time, Kamishiro Yukina was revealed to be the Nano Ball Prototype. M.M. and Kemeko take her on and blast her away. With water.

This time: Life returns to normal after Kamishiro's reveal. With the battle getting tougher each day, the Unified Public Security Agency has begun developing new products. Just our luck, the Black Girl Kurosaki Ryoko gets to test them out! What wonders lie in wait?

Kemeko Deluxe! Project.32

I will be taking extra care with the releases from now on. Life Is Money will be released later than usual. In return, I just got the first volume of Life Is Money (finally) and will release the 4-koma in the next release. The extra story is somewhat long, and deals with how Ishimakura joined the Nightmare Game; resulting in delay with that.

Until then, enjoy!
9/11/2012 02:52:13 am

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

9/11/2012 05:07:42 am

when will the next one be out?

5/31/2013 10:14:54 pm

Whens the next one? its already up to 8 books :(

7/10/2019 12:25:48 am

Hey. Its been alot of time ago. What happent ? How are you ? I really wanna find out how kemeko Dx ends. Ihope you are okay. Have a good day.


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